Happy Hobo Gourmet Grass Fed Beef Jerky is Good to Go

Nectar Hills Farm store is now Good to Go takeout food

The old Nectar Hills Farm store in Cherry Valley, NY, is now Good to Go Takeout Restaurant.

Great news for our gourmet, grass-fed beef jerky fans! The Supak family is about to open a commercial kitchen! The new company is Good to Go Farm-to-Counter, LLC.

We’ve crowdfunded by selling 117 out of the 200 shares we offered, representing 20% of the LLC. Each share costs $100 and represents 0.1% of the company. If you would like to invest, visit the “Get Involved” page of the Good to Go website.

Once our little kitchen is open, we’ll be back in the grass-fed beef jerky business. Anything we make that’s shippable can be shipped within the state of NY. Hopefully, we’ll be so successful that we’ll get a USDA approved kitchen and go national someday!